Commercial Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy system makes complete sense if you own a business or run a factory.

Let us tell you Why!

  • Power and electricity bills are one of the major expenses for any business, installing Solar means you can say goodbye to this expense.
  • Businesses and factories mostly operate during the day times, this is when you would generate and use the maximum amount of power from your Solar energy system.
  • Installing right system for your business means positive cash flow from day one as the excess power generated from your solar system will be sold to the electricity grid for up to 17c per kWh.
  • Business and factory units would usually have an ample amount of real estate to install solar systems
  • Unlike many residential homes, electrical infrastructure present at business and factory locations would usually accommodate larger systems.
  • Solar Energy Systems are instant tax write off your business
  • Solar Energy Systems will give your business a GREEN advantage and making it a sustainable one.