Residential Solar Energy Systems

Nexen Energy Solutions has been operating in the Residential solar industry in Australia for over 7 years. We understand individual customer needs and propose systems based on your actual requirements. Be it a grid-connected or a hybrid system we can do it all. Our teams are well equipped and experienced when it comes to choosing the right products for our customers to ensure your benefits are always at maximum. We aim to reduce your power bills by 100%, we do this by integrating the right products together with the integrity and workmanship of our installers. No job is too big or too difficult when it comes down to doing it right.

Why buy from us you may ask?

  • We don’t go by one size fits all, your system will be designed, proposed, and installed according to your individual needs and requirements.
  • The right choice of products, Solar industry has grown from where it started some 30 odd years ago, choosing the right setup for your property is the Key. Today you can get a DC string, Dc optimized, AC microinverter, and hybrid systems. We do the math to ensure we choose the setup that works for your property and your roof.
  • Live backend monitoring on every system we install. This lets us detect and fix faults on your system even before you notice them. This allows for minimized lead times and losses.
  • Annual servicing and maintenance of your system let us ensure it’s always at 100%, anything less than this is unacceptable!
  • Doing it right when no one is watching is the motto the team relies on!